KEA Will Fight For Your Job

The District may potentially face difficult financial circumstances—we all understand the seriousness of the economic decline—but cutting jobs hurts students, staff, and our community.  Must the District layoff staff?  As of this writing the District does not fully understand next year’s finances.  In addition to that the District also has access to a budget surplus that has gone well over $30 million at various points and has never dipped below $17 million during the last four years.  Once the financial picture is clear one question will remain: are there realistic alternatives to cutting certificated and other staff jobs?  The KEA will scrutinize the District’s finances, question District budget choices, grieve contractual violations of the layoff procedure or related provisions where viable, and will work to draw attention to the harm that will come from certificated staff layoffs.  If certificated employees are laid-off, the KEA will press the District to quickly recall these employees—and our scrutiny of the District’s finances will continue to ensure recalling staff is the District’s highest priority.


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