KSD Brings Its Proposals To The Table, And They Ain’t Pretty

On Tuesday, April 28th, 2009, the KEA and KSD Bargaining Teams met at Meridian Elementary for the second bargaining session this year.  The Kent School District proposed the following changes to the current contract:

  1. KSD wants to eliminate the Effective Education days that Kent teachers earn for the work they do beyond their 7.5 hour workday, such as planning lessons, assessing student work, and helping their students to succeed.  This would mean a pay cut of 3.89% of base salary.
  2. KSD wants to eliminate one of the two Learning Improvement Days (LID) that are used for professional development prior to the first day of school.  This would overturn the 2009-10 Calendar that KEA members have already voted for.  This would mean a pay cut for teachers equal to 0.55% of base salary.
  3. KSD intimated that additional cuts to KEA members’ wages and benefits may also be presented.  If so, then in total, the District will be proposing pay cuts totaling 7.22% of base salary, which, when including losses to  inflation that the District refuses to pay for with a cost of living adjustment, means a 11.5% pay cut.
  4.   KSD also wants to eliminate the right of KEAand its members to choose the insurance and benefits that will best fit the needs of our members and their families.
  5. KSD proposed that teachers be evaluated based upon the building School Improvement Plans (SIP), which means that teachers could be evaluated based upon their students’ WASL scores.  This is despite the extensive evaluation criteria in the current contract.
  6. KSD proposed that they be given the right to involuntarily transfer any employee within the District for any reason. 
  7. KSD additionally wants to have no limit to the number of subcontracted employees it hires. These employees would be hired to fill positions that normally would be filled by KEA members.  KEA has already won an arbitration against the District on this very issue.
  8. KSD wants to penalize Special Education teachers who do not complete Individualized Education Plans before a deadline by taking away their stipends.
  9. KSD even proposed that Administrators who are RIF’d (laid off) be able to bump current KEA teachers with low seniority and take their positions!
  10. KSD wants to increase control over teacher workshop days and Late Arrival/Early Release Days.

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  1. r Says:

    perhaps this needs to be a letter to the editor @ the kent reporter…

  2. Question? Says:

    On #9 are these the same Administrators who you are now referring to as teachers on special assignment??? I am confused?

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