Did KSD Reconsider Their Tactics?

Earlier this week, KSD posted a comparison chart that supposedly shows the bargaining proposals of both the KEA and KSD.  KEA posted a refutation of the KSD document earlier today.  (See “KSD Misrepresents KEA Bargaining Proposals“). 

As coincidence would have it, not thirty minutes after the KEA blog post, the KSD comparison chart disappeared from their website!   Did the KSD recognize their mistake, or rethink their tactics?  Maybe the KEA members who wrote Dr. Grohe and the School Board to express their disappointment with the District’s tactics got them to reconsider?  We’ll keep monitoring the situation, and let you know what happens next.  Things are getting interesting….



One Response to “Did KSD Reconsider Their Tactics?”

  1. kenteducation Says:

    I am hearing that more and more teachers and certificated staff are P@#$D OFF at KSD. They feel that KSD is forcing us to quit or move on to other districts or careers. Do they really disrespect us that much? The District has tried to spin it in their favor and has tried to indoctrinate (which has worked on some) some of the lost lambs of KEA into their camp. How dare they!!

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