Blog Update: 3 May 2009

Greetings to all of you who have been gracious enough to visit our new blog!  So far, we’ve posted a plethora of articles on a variety of topics. 

Where have these articles come from, you may ask?  Well, the postings come from a variety of sources.  Some have been written by KEA elected officials such as KEA President Lisa Brackin-Johnson, KEA Vice President Connie Compton, and members of the KEA Executive Board.  Any postings by KEA officers will be signed, as a matter of policy, and as a show of solidarity with the members who elect us.  Others are documents created through the work of the Bargaining Support Team, which is made up of KEA members who volunteer their time to help gather information and distribute it to members, as well as to organize KEA activities.  (We encourage any interested KEA members to come be a part of BST meetings, which are held on Mondays from 4-6 PM at the KEA office.)  However, perhaps the most important postings you will find on this blog come from our members who have taken the time to write letters to express how they feel they are being treated, and how their jobs are impacted by the Kent School District’s actions.  Some of these letters are signed, while others are unsigned because the letter writers fear retaliation from KSD administrators for speaking their mind. 

As you scan the posts on this blog, we ask that you remember that the KEA is not made up of a monolithic group of automatons, but by a variety of education professionals with varying personalities, experiences, and viewpoints.  If what you see moves you, we encourage you to post a comment by clicking the “Comment” link at the end of an article.  (Don’t forget to read the Comment Posting Rules before you comment.)

Thanks to all who visit this blog and demonstrate their support of a quality education for all students in the Kent School District.



Thomas Larsen, KEA Blog Administrator


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One Response to “Blog Update: 3 May 2009”

  1. Edward Duggan Says:

    Sent to Dori Monson:

    Sport Coaches in Kent Schools do not have to be teachers in Kent Schools. Kentlake High School Coaches were unjustly criticized by you the other day. Individuals hired to coach in Kent Schools are on a different contract than teachers hired by Kent Schools. In order to support kids and so that other districts who are playing our schools do not have their programs upset by delays that may be caused by the strike, the KEA has told coaches to continue practicing with their players after school hours. You made statements on your program stating that the KL coaches do not support the strike. This is totally untrue. Please correct your comments. Edward Duggan KL teacher.

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