Math 101: KEA Challenges KSD’s Budget Claims


This year’s motto in the Kent School District is “Math Matters.”   If that’s the case, then KEA has a math problem for all of you.

The Kent School District has been claiming for months that they are suffering a terrible financial crisis.  These claims have been used to justify 125 teacher layoffs, and the proposal of draconian cuts that will not only negatively affect KSD employees, but our students as well.  As a result, the KEA did some investigating, using the KSD’s own budget numbers (which can be found on the KSD and OSPI websites if you do a lot of digging).  We encourage all our blog readers to complete the attached math problem, and share the results with others.  

In the coming days, we will post more lessons like this one, so check back often!


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One Response to “Math 101: KEA Challenges KSD’s Budget Claims”

  1. kent teacher Says:

    Some interesting facts:
    $167,000 = salary of the Washington Governor
    $227,000 = salary of the the Vice President of the United States $240,000 = salary of Kent School District’s Superintendent

    Really? Seriously?

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