“More Work, Less Pay – No Way!” 200 KEA Members Tell District’s Team


Almost two hundred members assembled in front of the KEA office before Tuesday’s bargaining session to make their voices heard.  Acknowledging the support of the group, KEA President Lisa Brackin-Johnson said, “Your bargaining team is your voice.  We have listened to your concerns and we are bringing time, workload, and compensation to the bargaining table on your behalf.” 

 The District’s team had arrived early and unannounced before the rally began, and closed the blinds in the conference room, blocking their view of the KEA members outside.  They were unable to completely ignore the members, however, as the chant “More Work, Less Pay—No Way!” rang out in the parking lot and for about five minutes in the lobby and hallways of the building itself.  The demonstration ended promptly at 4:00, the time scheduled for the bargaining session.


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3 Responses to ““More Work, Less Pay – No Way!” 200 KEA Members Tell District’s Team”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I am so happy to see that so many are taking the time to show up to show their displeasure with the district. Let’s pack the board meeting on the 13th!

  2. Observer Says:

    There are alot more teachers and staff (non-KEA members) who are very upset with the District. They are just afraid to voice their opinion because of retaliation, but I’ve seen more and more of them taking that first step and realizing they are not alone to stand up and say something.

    There is a very small minority of people (like 20 out of all Kent employees) who think everything should be approached with “kid gloves”. Get real. This minority of people also don’t mind receiving the benefits of all the hard work that KEA members have put in to make everyone’s working conditions and compensation better.

  3. Teacher Says:

    “I feel powerless” “The Union is so weak” How many of us have had those same thoughts? Power comes from solidarity. If a union is weak it is because individual card carrying members are weak. The number of teachers at the last board meeting seemed to be fewer than before. We can’t lose our steam now. In the private sector, CEOs who are able to motivate, coerce, and bully their workers into doing more work without having to pay them fair wages are considered to be the best at their jobs. If the School Board and the KSD administration are successful in negotiating a contract that has us working more for less pay and losing some of our rights and protections then our new contract will be a feather in their cap. The SB and Admin will be celebrated among their peers and cohorts with pats across the back, thumbs up, and alot of “atta boys”. And once again, we will become the victims. What we stand to lose during this round of bargaining will not return soon, if ever. Are there actually teachers in our district who don’t mind taking a pay deduction or being involuntarily transferred? Are they tempting fate and waiting to see if these changes will really happen? We need to show the school board and superintendent that we absolutely will not stand for what they are proposing. Hope to see more of us at the next meeting.

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