District’s Hired Negotiator Wants to Silence KEA Members


Following Tuesday’s demonstration by KEA members, the District’s hired negotiator David Alfred berated KEA’s Bargaining Team for this exercise of free speech on its own property.  In a somber and paternalistic voice, Mr. Alfred accused KEA members of “playing a game” as they “crawled through the building.”  He melodramatically characterized the demonstration as “abuse” and claimed that his team had suffered “damage” as a result of the five or so minutes members were in the lobby and hallway of their Association’s offices.  Later, KEA learned that District officials had claimed to have felt “threatened” by the chanting teachers.  Perhaps the District felt threatened because they are unaccustomed to a display of unity or such a clear rejection of their own abusive treatment of educators.

 Your KEA Bargaining Team was not willing to accept this attempt to chill the free expression of the members.  “It’s important that the district understand it’s not the 7 people at the table but the 1800 members,” said a KEA spokesperson.  The District has repeatedly shown disregard for this through its continued rejection of proposals, often without so much as offering rationale.  The spokesperson went on to say that, despite Mr. Alfred’s statement that this is one of the finest school districts in the state, “KSD should act like the finest district and treat staff like the finest.” Instead, this District takes advantage of teachers with low wages and poor working conditions.  Starting teachers earn more in Blaine, Camas, Washougal, Pasco, and dozens of other communities with a lower cost of living.  “If people are upset it’s because they feel you’ve attacked their livelihood.”  President Brackin-Johnson said of KEA’s members.


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3 Responses to “District’s Hired Negotiator Wants to Silence KEA Members”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    How many teachers that were RIFed today could have been saved had KSD not spent money on hiring this guy to do the job they already pay several administrators 6-figure salaries to do? Why aren’t those teachers more important than Mr. Alfred and the special counsel that KSD hired for the unfair labor practices hearing? Where are the priorities? Why are our tax dollars paying for these folks instead of teachers and support professionals for our kids? Our community needs to demand answers!

    • Anonymous Says:

      I believe it is because KSD feels slighted-that their employees dare to exercise their rights!! This, “I’ll show you mentality by KSD administration is comical at best.

      As a union member I understand KEA’s reasons to use the tactics they have, and others should see it as well…. KSD is juvenile in their decisions and priorities. I can hear their voices now, “It’s ours (ie. Money) and you can’t have any!”

      KEA is about helping us, KSD seems to be about taking advantage of hard working teachers and staff.

  2. Concerned Says:

    It appears that KSD’s priorities are focused on the Head Shed.

    First, they cut off our air circulation in our schools last fall when weather was unusually warm to hot, that time of year, and they cut the heat in some buildings so their employees may freeze while trying to work overtime. I believe several people reported seeing the sprinklers going nonstop up at the Ad Building and also watering the parking lot as well.

    Second, they propose to cut teacher salaries around 12% by removing a LID day and all effective ed pay, while their administrators enjoy a healthy salary with no cuts. BTW, dont’ look for guilt on their part, there is none.

    Third, they send out “Woe is Me” emails and there are actually staff out there that believe them!

    To summarize, money is okay to spend as long as it’s for the Head Shed personnel, and there is not one bit of empathy or fairness towards those they cut.


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