WEA President Responds To Seattle Crisis

As many of you have will have heard, Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson of the Seattle School District mailed contract nonrenewal letters dated Friday, May 8, 2009 to every Seattle public school teacher with a continuing contract.  You can find a copy of the letter that was sent to our members here: www.washingtonea.org/docs/SeattleSD.pdf

Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson’s actions in sending this letter are a violation of the state’s labor laws and an unnecessary distraction from the important work our members are doing with Seattle students every day. Legally, under our collective bargaining statutes, any proposals the Superintendent may have about the number of teacher work days must be negotiated between the school district and the Seattle Education Association. The current contract states that it is a 182 day contract. SEA began negotiating a new agreement with the school district on April 20. It is unfortunate Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson decided to go outside the legal process with her “take it or leave it” position. Her actions in threatening our member’s jobs are exactly why our state has a collective bargaining law.

With 175 contracts open across the state, it’s important for all of us to remain vigilant and steadfast to bargain fair contracts of which that we can be proud. We are examining all of our options to ensure that Superintendent Goodloe-Johnson and the school district are held legally accountable for this action. We are consulting with our attorneys and next steps could include filing a suit against the district. SEA staff and leaders are working around the clock with support from WEA to ensure the protection of our members’ contracts and rights. In the meantime, we will keep you updated frequently as things unfold.

Mary Lindquist


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3 Responses to “WEA President Responds To Seattle Crisis”

  1. Teacher Says:

    I am happy to see that WEA is vigilant in protecting their members in the Seattle S.D. It is unfortunate we have clowns like Goodloe-Johnson in the position of power. She is a good example of what superintendants should NOT DO.

    I hope WEA does sue her and her staff! It’s time to make these administrators respect teachers and not dictate to teachers.

  2. Teacher Says:

    175 open contracts? Does that mean there are 175 districts that have contracts up in August? I was wondering how many other districts were in the same situation we were.

    Have there been any rumblings of the possibility of statewide action (walk outs, rallys, strike) since the legislature pretty much screwed education in this state?

    • kenteducationassociation Says:

      While discussion of statewide actions was brought forth at WEA-RA, no action is planned as of yet. The belief is that we should allow bargaining across the state take place before responding with more significant actions such as working to the contract or a walkout. With that being said, the WEA and KEA are keeping a close eye on the actions of the Kent School District, like other school districts, and will respond appropriately if the situation deteriorates.

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