Text of KEA Members’ Speeches To School Board

You can check out the text of the speeches of some of those who spoke to the KSD School Board on May 13th by clicking on the links below.

Connie Compton Introduces KEA Bargaining Themes:  Connie schoolboard_5.13.09

Liz Jones on Time:  Liz Jones board_meeting

Tom Larsen summarizes KEA’s message to the KSD:  Larsen Message to School Board 13 May 2009

Scott Gerpen asks why KSD Administrators Salaries are not being cut, even while teachers salaries are threatened by presenting the following data:  Information shared by KEA member on Administrator Salaries


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3 Responses to “Text of KEA Members’ Speeches To School Board”

  1. Getting More Mad at KSD Says:

    This information about admin salaries in the KSD needs to be front page or full page in some newspaper. As my neighbors slowly learn of these things, they are amazed and astounded that KSD has such a lack of integrity and disrespect for the very people (teachers) they are suppose to be supporting and rooting for. Shame on them!

  2. Frustrated Tax Payer Says:

    If you look at the salaries for the 2007-2008 year at: http://www.seattlepi.com/data/databases/teacher-salaries.asp you’ll see that there were actually 25 non-building administrators who made over $100,000/year. There were also an additional 7 non-building administrators or professionals or whatever title you’d like to give them that made between $90,000 and $100,000 a year. That’s 32 administrators at a cost of over 3 million dollars! I wish I made that kind of money!

    How many administrators does the district need? What do all those people do anyway? I tried looking on their web site, and while I can find some of the job titles, I can’t find any job descriptions. I know what teachers do–they teach. What do these people do, push papers?

    I think we deserve to know, especially after I heard that while Kent administration costs are below the average, that’s only because Seattle is so screwed up that it skewed that average. If you look at the median (a good thing to do for home prices too), you’ll find Kent is far above that. I’ve been told they’re actually #2 for administrative costs!

    In addition, there were 45 principals and vice-principals who made over $100,000 in 2007-2008, and 18 principals and vice-principals who made between $90,000 and $100,000 in that same period.

    Do we need all those administrators? I believe there are an additional 9 principals or vice-principals making less than $90,000/year. That adds up to 72 building administrators for 40 schools. (4 high schools, 2 academies, 6 middle schools, and 28 elementary schools.)

    I’ve been told that the teacher to administrator ratio is lower in Kent than the teacher student ratio. Something seems wrong here. Do Kent teachers need that much supervision? If the teachers are truly incompetent and need to be supervised continually, get rid of them! If not, get rid of the supervisors.

    Bloated bureaucracies and more government aren’t the answer! Stand with me in calling for an appropriate use of our tax dollars–fund education by paying for what actually teaches kids–teachers and cut the fat cat administrators or if it won’t be spent appropriately, just give me back my money.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    No. Teachers do NOT need that much supervision. We have to all remember that while we have too many administrators, they also have their favorites who help them out as well.

    All I ever hear is: “Bad teachers. Get rid of them.”

    Tell me, what has KSD done with bad principals? I heard they give them promotions up to the head offices of the KSD. Is that true? Rarely are they fired or encouraged to leave. However, if that were a teacher stepping out of bounds, you can be assured they would be “encouraged” to leave.

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