UPDATE: KSD Tries To Follow Seattle’s Act

It seems that KSD has decided to follow the Seattle School District’s nefarious efforts to bargain directly with members, bypassing the legal bargaining process.  Just one week after Seattle School District’s infamous letter to teachers that offered a reduced contract, KSD administration decided to place contract renewal forms in the mailboxes of Kent teachers and staff.  The contract offered a 181 day contract, which is one day less than the 182 day work calendar that KEA members voted on earlier this year.  This unilateral change in the contract is completely invalid. 

KEA President Lisa Brackin-Johnson, in response, sent out the following notice to KEA members:

The KEA bargaining team and leadership have not agreed to a 181 day work calendar for next year. The contract sent to you by the District is contrary to the negotiated and agreed upon calendar for the 2009-10 school year. HOWEVER, signing the contract does not limit you to 181 days. The number of working days MUST be bargained and in the end it the collective bargaining agreement that will determine the number of work days. 
At this time we suggest that you sign the contract by May 31 as your intent to return next school year as a requisite for the commitment stipend.

The timing of KSD’s actions become even more suspect when one considers that KEA’s leadership was in Spokane representing KEA members at the WEA Representative Assembly at the time that these contracts were distributed to members.  Additionally, the contracts came on “Black Friday”, May 15th, the same day that Washington school districts must announce all teacher and certificated staff layoffs (RIF’s). 

Expect KEA President Lisa Brackin-Johnson and the KEA Bargaining Team to take this up with the KSD when they return to the bargaining table on Tuesday, May 19th at Meridian Elementary.


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