It’s Time To Be Heard! It’s Time For Change!

On Wednesday, May 27th, KEA once again calls upon its mebers to rally before the School Board meeting.  Once again, we ask that members gather in front of the KSD Administration Building at 6:30, and then enter the meeting at 7 pm to make their presence felt with the School Board.  Several KEA members are expected to speak during the public comments section of the meeting.

There are only three more Board meetings left:  May 27th and June 10th and 24th.  We especially want to have a presence at the next two meetings to keep pressure on the School Board to make better decisions about the KSD budget and spending priorities.  This is especially true with news that Dr. Grohe’s last day is June 15th! 

As our new superintendent, Dr. Vargas, begins his tenure, he needs to know that Kent Education Association members are not happy with the status quo.  We are not happy with being treated as less than the professionals we are.  We are not happy with the recent RIF’s that will cause good teachers and staff to leave our District, not to mention increase our class sizes and case loads.  We are not happy that KSD’s proposed budget cuts do not include salary reductions or reduction of top-level Administration positions, even as they RIF teachers and cut essential staffing and programs that our kids need.  We are not happy with being the lowest paid teachers in the Puget Sound region.  We are not happy with the fact that while our workload increases each year, our time to complete these tasks continues to be taken up with Administrative busy work, meetings, and other distractions.  We are not happy with the fact that the contract and state law are regularly violated by Kent School District administrators, causing countless grievances and an Unfair Labor Practice filing.   We are not happy with the District’s bargaining proposals that would further damage the relationship between the District and its employees, as well as the education of our students.  And we are not happy that the KSD has posted distorted “facts” that “compare” KEA and KSD contract proposals on their website. 

There are only a few more opportunities available before the summer to make your voices heard and your presence felt.  We need to leave the District with a clear understanding that things must change.  It is only through our collective work that things will change at the Bargaining Table.

Please plan on attending Wednesday’s rally, and bring your family, friends, and neighbors with you!


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10 Responses to “It’s Time To Be Heard! It’s Time For Change!”

  1. LenDawson Says:

    It is beyond wrong to take away our Effective Ed when we’re already the lowest paid teachers in the area AND we’re getting bigger classloads and workloads due to RIFs next year. ESPECIALLY when the administration and central office budgets were NOT something the public was ever allowed to have a vote or say on during the budget cut community meetings. KSD, protecting it’s inner group of people, while teachers take the hit. Not cool in the slightest and not at all the starting ground to then try to cut our pay even more!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I am not surprised one little bit. KSD’s selfish bargaining proposals is just another slap in teachers’ faces. KSD finds it a challenge to actually show any respect for the people who work in the classrooms (directly with children), in the trenches. It’s not part of their philosophy to respect their employees. All we seem to get is more corporate speak from them. They have no inkling of what teachers actually do and what teachers have to actually face day to day. To make matters worse, they have their “helpers” pressuring teachers as well.

  3. Dan Weeks Says:

    Now is not the time to sit back and wait until economic times are better. If we wait, times will never be better! We must keep the pressure on the district. We cannot accept anything less than a pay increase to AT LEAST keep pace with surrounding districts. To accept a cut or even keep the poor status quo is ridiculous and embarrassing to hear. Any of us could earn thousands more in neighboring districts. Each year many of us leave to do just that. We must stand together NOW and demand the respect we deserve!

  4. theresa Says:

    If the district has, by it’s own accounts $19.4 million in reserve…do you really think KEA is being selfish? Who is really being selfish? And at the cost of quality in education which every student in Kent is entitled to.

    Now isn’t the time to say we need to respect our employer, Anonymous. It’s time for our employer to show us respect! More time, reasonable workload, and fair compensation.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Um, Theresa, I think that anonymous said that KSD was being selfish, not KEA. Also, that KSD doesn’t respect teachers like they should, not KEA. I think the original commenter was being supportive, but perhaps after grading so many papers on so little sleep, you misread?

    • Anonymous Says:

      You misread my post. These acronyms can be easily mixed up. No harm done.

  5. LenDawson Says:

    I’d rather strike – even in tough economic times – rather than accept the same or less money. It’s not realistic in the slightest to tell a family depending on a teacher salary living in this region that they can keep getting it done on the same income while everything keeps inflating.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    We should strike over the very fact they want to tie our evals to student test scores!!!!!!! This proposal is more evidence that KSD administrators have NO CLUE of what classroom teachers face everyday. NO CLUE.

    The $$$$ they spend creating frivilous positions that DO NOT REDUCE CLASS SIZE, is another reason I plan to vote for a strike, should it come to that!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    No one can disrespect us and bully us without our permission.

    If teachers don’t speak up now and question authority, this abuse will continue throughout their careers in the Kent School District. This once, sought-out district, has become more of a “leftovers” district. “Well, I couldn’t find a job in the district I really wanted, so I settled for Kent.” Yes, that’s what I hear from people.

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