KEA Members Again Rally at May 27th School Board Meeting

KEA Rally Photos – 5/27-09

Well over one hundred KEA members turned out on May 27th to again call on the Kent School Board to address the issues of Time, Workload, and Compensation.  KEA President Lisa Brackin-Johnson spoke to the crowd, stating that these are the issues brought forward by the members, and that changes are essential so that educators can provide a quality education to every child.

Participants filed into the board meeting, and later in the evening Brackin-Johnson and others later addressed the board.  Among the speakers was former Kent teacher Kim McKeever, a National Board certified teacher and former KEA Bargaining Team member, who left Kent last year to work in another district.  McKeever spoke powerfully to the board about the lack of support she receved as a teacher and the disrespect she felt from the district, both as an educator and at the bargaining table.  After seeing salary comparisons with other area districts, McKeever made a call to the Lake Washington School District and was hired within a week.  She now makes $10,000 more per year and enjoys the collaborative and professional work environment provided by her new employer.

As if to illustrate truth of Kim’s remarks about disrespect, KSD General Counsel Chuck Lind interrupted the presentation to the board later made by KEA member Ron Nauer.  Nauer was speaking of the time demands made on middle school teachers, and started to describe a recent week in which he was required to attend eight meetings.  Lind began to shout from the back of the room that Nauer is “on the KEA bargaining team”  and was “negotiating.”   A KEA official pointed out that Nauer was simply speaking of his experience as an employee and of what is currently happening in his school.  Nauer moved to his next point and was able to conclude his statement, but it was clear to all present that the administration did not want the board and the public to hear what Ron had to say about excessive meetings.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Are we surprised that Chuck tried to shut down a teacher in Kent? They seem to train the principals to do the same. We are not allowed to bring up topics or ask a single question at staff meetings that are important to our staff. Our principal will glare down her nose at us and say: “We can discuss that LATER.” Well, there is never a “later” and this is so transparent of their real motive, which is to shut us up. That is why problems cannot be solved and we cannot collaborate!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I have not had these experiences with any of the several principals I have worked for in all my years in Kent. It is devastating that so many people have had these poor experiences, but I think many people have not had the same issues. Let’s make sure both sides of the coin are represented.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    To the poster on June 6. You are probably right. There are a few principals who are fair and respectful. After speaking to numerous people at workshops and classes, I’d say I could count the good ones on one hand.

    However, it’s good to know that the above poster has never worked with a “divide and conquer” principal. Which schools have those types of principals? Would love to transfer there.

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