General Membership Meeting: Aug 26

KEA Members are reminded that there will be a:

General Membership Meeting

  • Wednesday, August 26th
  • Kentlake High School
  • 5 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Only members will be allowed to attend– we ask families to arrange childcare prior

The meeting will be held to provide an overview of what Bargaining proposals have been made.  After the overview, either one of two options will occur:

  •  if a tentative agreement on all issues has been made between the Bargaining Team of KEA and the KSD, then KEA members will vote to either ratify or reject the tentative agreement. 
  • if no tentative agreement is reached, then KEA members will vote on whether or not to authorize a strike.

Please remember that at the June 2009 General Membership Meeting, KEA members in attendance voted to authorize a strike vote if no settlement had been reached at the end of the Summer.  There have been 3 bargaining sessions in since school ended in June, with 4 more scheduled in August before the Aug 26th meeting.  This is in addition to the 7 sessions held previously in Spring 2009, making a total of 14 sessions held between the beginning of contract negotiations and the Aug 26th meeting.  KEA has offered previously to hold additional bargaining sessions, but KSD refused or limited the sessions that were held to only a few hours.

KEA asks all members to attend this very important meeting on August 26th.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you thank you for all your hard work. From the sounds of it, our members are ready for a change. Yes we can!

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