Don’t miss the KEA Rally and BBQ this Sunday

Join us this Sunday for the BBQ of the season! KEA’s Bargaining Support Team is sponsoring a picnic from 4-5 p.m. for KEA members and their families at East Hill Park, just west of SE 248th St. and 116th Ave. SE. The picnic will include an update from our Bargaining Team, plus key community leaders who are showing their support for KEA members. Parking has been arranged at the Park-and-Ride lot at Kent United Methodist Church, 11010 SE 248th St. We’re asking you to bring some school supplies — pencils, pens, notebooks, etc. — for our Kent students as a donation. Hot dogs (meat, veggies and Kosher), fruit, veggies, drinks and dessert will be provided. Please let us know if you can come so we’ll have enough for everyone. We hope you can join your KEA colleagues and friends for an hour of giving back and fun. Don’t forget to RSVP and let us know how many people you’ll be bringing. See you Sunday.


4 Responses to “Don’t miss the KEA Rally and BBQ this Sunday”

  1. teachersarenottheenemy Says:

    the rally/bbq was fabulous! there were a few guest speakers who offered support and made me feel proud of being a teacher again. we are not the enemy…

  2. CounterpointSue Says:

    Great job, KEA! It was a real morale booster to at the event (even if a certain someone told me that I’m long-winded in my blogs–MICHAEL!!). I thought all of the speakers were excellent, but a big shout out goes to the man from the NAACP, who gave me goose bumps when he spoke. I swear, he could convince a pig that it should give itself up to become bacon. I wish the kids that I teach public speaking skills to could hear him talk. What a great speaker.

    See, Michael, I CAN be brief!

    • Disgusted Says:

      I adore your posts. Whenever I feel like giving in, you come along and make me remember what I’m fighting for and that we ARE worth it. Keep those impassioned posts coming!

  3. Camille Says:

    I was impressed by the speaker from the NAACP, as well, Sue. He was invited by Ben Ibale. Thank you Ben!

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