Answers To Your Questions: Who’s Bargaining?

Many members’ questions are coming up on the picket line.  We will try to answer some of them on the blog as they come up.  The following is a list of the current members of both the KEA and KSD Bargaining Teams.  I have tried to put a title or link them to a specific job or worksite as best I can.  If I get any info wrong, I apologize ahead of time.

Kent School District Bargaining Team

  • Larry Miner, Asst. Sup. of Human Resources
  • Dave Alfred, Outside Negotiator
  • Chuck Lind, KSD Attorney
  • Dave Bileau, CTE Director
  • Mike Albrecht, Principal of Kentridge High School
  • Anthony Brown, Principal of Mill Creek Middle School
  • Stan Jaskot, Principal of Meridian Elementary School
  • John Knutsen, KSD Finance Dept.
  • JoEllen Verdo, Assistant to Larry Miner
  • Lynn Stellick, Human Resources Dept.

Kent Education Association Bargaining Team

  • Mike McNett, Kent UniServ Representative/Chief Negotiator
  • Connie Compton, KEA Vice President
  • Dave Wood, Cascade UniServ Representative/Backup Negotiator
  • Andrea Hardy, WEA Researcher
  • Cindy Prescott, KEA Secretary/Treasurer
  • Carol Thiemens, Teacher at Scenic Hill Elementary
  • Steve Marques, Teacher at Kentridge High School (Retired)
  • Ron Nauer, Teacher at Meeker Middle School
  • Kim Savisky, Teacher at Mill Creek Middle School

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