Music slide show of 1500 KEA Members in front of the School District as shown at the Candle Light Vigil on Aug 30th


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  1. private citizen Says:

    KEA—i hope you do NOT cave in to these greedy administrators!

    These administrators are NOT looking out for our children!

  2. New to Kent Too Says:

    Great Video, Very Powerful!!!

  3. Hello Says:

    We won’t cave. We love our students too much and we want our class sizes manageable for more individualized attention. Oh. Did you hear that Dr. Vargas makes more in salary than Vice President Joe Biden???

    • Kent Citizen Says:

      Dr. Vargas’ salary reflects what the market dictates – as does every salary of every person in this country. Does it bother you that professional athletes make as much as they do? Or that construction workers make as much as they do? Compensation is and always will be dictated by what the market will bear. The KSD would not be able to hire a Superintendent unless they paid what they had to to get (who they felt was ) the best person for the job. It is what it is.

      • Teacher Gal Says:

        Actually, Vargas benefits from the fact that Dr. Grohe worked very hard to create personal relationships with each and every board member. Each year some new ‘perk’ was offered to Dr. Grohe, such as a car allowance, housing allowance, travel, etc. Dr. Vargas desired to have the cash, rather than the array of perks.

        I’m not sure that an expensive, nationwide search was needed to identify someone, who most recently worked as a consultant (and who knows what that means!?) to fill a position that many qualified people who live and work in WA could have easily filled, including some that currently work in the Kent District.

  4. KEA Supporter Says:

    Inspiring video that shows the impact of teachers united. Your families and community are supporting you. Loved the Teamster truck and the strong support from other unions. Why is Vargas paid more than Grohe? A good question.

  5. Bonita Says:

    AWESomE solidarity!!!

  6. Steve Says:

    I did get a response from Mr. Davies yesterday! Here’s my follow-up:

    Dear Mr. Davies, Superintendent Vargas, and Kent School Board,

    Today I was truly embarrassed to be a parent in the Kent School District.

    Dr. Vargas’ press conference Tuesday afternoon was as regrettable as it was forgettable. The teachers of the KEA were outraged at this event and the lack of honesty. And, sadly, with good reason.

    Watching this event online and on the television news makes me concerned about the future of KSD. Dr. Vargas was ill prepared to speak to any of the important issues facing the District. If Dr. Vargas is going to be the face of the KSD bargaining team, he is going to have to bring some facts with him. And if Ms. Hanks is going to be the face of KSD, she needs to have facts with her. Among the missteps:

    1. He misstated the number of kids in the District.
    2. He could not state the percentage of email in favor of KSD’s action.
    3. He could not name a single one of the “16 tentative agreements.”
    4. He could not explain what the major stumbling block was to an agreement.
    5. He could not explain why they are bringing KEA to court on Wednesday.
    6. He did not explain how the District can afford a “raise” of 4%, but can’t reduce class sizes.

    I’ve done some rough calculations for the benefit of the KSD bargaining team:

    1,700 teachers multiplied by roughly $75,000/teacher in salary/benefits equals $127,500,000. Now this total salary multiplied by the 4% “raise” equals a total increase in payroll of roughly $5,100,000. So KSD is willing to spend this money on “raises”, but is unwilling to use this money to reduce class sizes??

    I am begging someone on the School Board to explain this position. $5,100,000 divided by $75,000 equals 68 teaching positions!! Again, SIXTY-EIGHT TEACHING POSITIONS could be filled with this money!!

    Superintendent Vargas, KSD School Board, and Mr. Davies, I believe you owe it to the community to explain why you are willing to offer a “raise” but are unwilling to hire teachers to reduce class size. I believe teachers have stated loud and clear that class size is their number one concern. However, KSD continues to tell us that it is too expensive. There is a major disconnect here.

    Your actions of Tuesday and Wednesday have only further antagonized the teachers and the parents who support them. You are losing the trust of the Kent community. And Dr. Vargas’ performance Tuesday did nothing to build that trust, and in fact, did just the opposite.

    If KSD is not going to negotiate in good faith to reach a timely settlement, no judge will be able to repair the damage to the relationship between KSD and the staff, students, and parents.

    Embarrassed Parent

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