Strike So Far: KEA Blogger’s Reflection

As you might well imagine, KEA’s Blog has been extremely busy in the last few days .  The number of hits on the blog and comments each day have been absolutely overwhelming.  On the one hand, we love that because it means that the blog is one way for KEA to get its message out and for all interested parties to have a voice in this very important discussion about the future of education in Kent.  On the other hand, it also means that running this blog has become a much more difficult task. I thought this was a good time to stop and reflect on how things are going.

After talking to many community members and KEA members on the picket line, as well as after a lot of personal reflection while reading the comments by readers for us, against us, or somewhere in the middle, I have to tell you all that this Blog is going well, but I think it can be better.  In the last few days as the debate has become more fierce, the comments have become a bit too nasty and too personal.  I, too, have been prone to respond emotionally to some of the comments on this blog, especially the ones that are especially vitriolic, uninformed, or simply inflammatory.  Mea culpa, I’m only human.  So are all of you. 

As a result, please know that I plan to redouble my efforts to make this a place where KEA can share its point of view, and allow both its members and the larger community to discuss the key issues affecting the Kent School District.  We want to use the blog to spread facts and to squash misinformation, propaganda, and rumors.  We want people to express how they view the state of education in Kent, and how the strike is affecting them.   To do this, we need to be mindful of a few things:

First, we need to refrain from name calling and personal attacks as much as possible.   For example, if you believe someone is lying, point out what you believe to be the lie, and give proof  or facts if you can.  If you have no proof, raise questions.  While I cannot filter every comment to protect everyone, I will be deleting any comments that are blatantly profane or personal in nature.  It is appropriate to call into question the actions and decisions of those in positions of leadership and power on both sides, but try to keep your comments civil.  I cannot and will not promise to protect everyone’s feelings.  Get over it.

Second, I will try to butt out of conversations, except if someone’s facts or comments are blatantly wrong or if valid questions are raised that I can answer.   The readership has been doing a good job of monitoring each other’s facts and responding to claims that are erroneous. 

Finally, I will do my best to update the blog more often with topics of interest– especially in response to issues raised by members or issues raised by the readership.  Please know that while several people post to this blog, I am the one who ultimately runs it on a day-to-day basis.   There are only so many hours in the day, so I can’t promise the level or amount of writing of say, The Kent Distorter Reporter.  (See that, I’m already calling people names.)

I hope that you continue to read and (possibly) enjoy the blog.  It has been both wonderful and enfuriating to keep it going, but I think it is worthwhile.  I admire the passion that everyone has, and look forward to what you all will write next.



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