Injunction Hearing Update: In Recess Until Thurs. at 11 am

We just received word that the injunction hearing was adjourned to recess for the day.  There will not be a General Membership meeting scheduled for this evening.  All KEA members should continue with meeting at their scheduled picket times and locations tomorrow.  As more details come available, we will get them to you.


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  1. KEA Substitute Says:

    As I continue to support the KEA and the srike, I strongly urge the KEA and its leadership to closely monitor what the media is saying about the strike. Having the parents in the Kent community behind the teachrs is vitally important. KEA leadership must continue to make every effort to squash misinformation wherever it occurs. The KSD seems to be doing a great job of getting its version of events to the attention of the public. The KEA needs to do the same. If the KSD can call a news conference so can the KEA and it should. The longer this strike lasts, the more emotions will continue to heat up. If emotions on both sides get out of control then reasoned discussion based on logic and fact goes out the window. Listen to some of what BJ Shea has to say to get an example of what I am talking about his commentary is on YOUTUBE. Yes, he is a radio shock jock and he gets paid to be obnoxious, but folks listen to him! Folks need to be able to listen to us as well. Any KEA member with a camera which can video tape with audio can post a commentary on YOUTUBE as well.

    Bottom line! The KEA’s message must be loud and clear. The KSD is not bargaining in good faith, and in fact has not responded to the latest KEA proposal. The KEA wants its teachers in the classroom as much as does the KSD. But the teachers need to be in the classroom with fewer kids in each class and more time to be with those kids and not tied up in useless meetings and endless workshops that are all shadow and no substance.

  2. KentParent Says:

    I read with interest KSD’s motion for an injunction. I think there were some good arguments made in this blog explaining why it’s not illegal to strike and why it was premature of the District to file it and I have been looking forward to reading KEA’s reply. Will you be posting it here?

    For what it’s worth, I have been in support of the teachers all along but hubby was on the fence. When he found out the District filed the injunction so soon he said that swayed him more in favor of the teachers. We both think such action only serves to make the District appear uninterested in working things out. I was pleased to see even more people today out in front of the schools than I’ve seen before and am glad to know KSD’s filing wasn’t effective in intimidating you.

    • kenteducationassociation Says:

      We will be posting on as much of the documentation as we can. The blog will link to those documents as they come up. Some of these documents are 50-60 pages long, so I’m not sure if everything is super relevant or easily posted. Our lead person on media and communications has been told of your interest.

  3. Barbara Says:

    Stay strong KEA….Be UNITED! We deserve a fair contract and to have our district treat us with respect. We deserve reasonable class sizes and time to work with parents and students!

  4. KentParent Says:

    I left a comment here yesterday asking if a copy of KEA’s reply brief to KSD’s injunction request would be posted. My comment appeared immediately after I hit “submit comment” but I don’t see it anymore. Not sure what happened so I’m submitting again. From what I can tell on this blog, it sounds like the KEA argued that teacher strikes are not illegal and even if they were the KSD has not met the burden of proof required to show irreperable harm. The latter argument sounds the strongest to me but I’d love to read the brief in full. Thanks.

  5. KentParent Says:

    Sorry for my double-post. I just figured out that my original comment is still in line to be reviewed. I know you folks are really busy today w/ mediation, the hearing, and now a meeting and vote. I’m sure you’ll be getting to blog comments as soon as you can. Thanks for keeping us updated- we’re all anxious to know the outcome of your meeting/vote today as well…

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