Words of Encouragement and Support

Below are some of the messages of support from across the country that have been sent to Kent teachers during this difficult time:

  • As a former UniServ Director in the Chinook council,   1971-1981, and the organizer of the first strike in Washington (Aberdeen) I applaud your members COURGE and RESOLVE  to stand up, demand  RESPECT and show your UNITY….   Hang together or you WILL hang separately.    Good Luck from your 3224 brothers and sisters in Central Adams UniServ a suburban local just north of Denver, Colorado
  • Please convey my support to your membership.  I am an officer of the Seneca Valley Education Association in Harmony, PA.  Having endured a 5 week strike 2 years ago, I understand the stress.  Thank your members for their solidarity, and know that we are with you all in spirit.  Hopefully your state Association and NEA is giving you everything they have got.
  • Please know that you have so many teachers and student families that support you and your decisions.  You are the leaders in the classroom, directly responsible for meeting the needs of every child. Thank you for being strong, courageous and doing the work that you do!  Arizona Teacher.  Region 1 AEA BOD
  • I am a UniServ Director here in Vermont, where my Area is all of Central Vermont.  We too have seen teacher strikes in our Area, usually over economic conditions of employment. When a school board will not negotiate over improved teacher time with students, however, they have reached an all-time low. You have my support – even from a few thousand miles away!!! Stay strong; know that you hold the higher ground morally, educationally and professionally.  I believe I speak for all my colleagues here in saying that we wish you every success in your endeavors.  Keep fighting the honorable fight for teachers and other workers. Now, more than ever, labor needs to stand strong.

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