We’re Back! Blog Is Up and Running!

The post-strike time has been hectic for all of us teachers and education staff as we get back into the swing of things with a new school year. 

The strike affected everyone involved in many ways.  It was great to see KEA members united and working togehter for a common goal.   It was also wonderful to see our community come out in support of us.  While we were not able to get the perfect contract, we made significant progress in the areas of Time, Workload, and Compensation.  

The work is far from over, however.  KEA is continuing to face many challenges as we continue to work on behalf of our members.  The new contract language needs to be enforced, and we are already running into examples of Administration trying to ignore the language or conveniently interpret it as they see fit for their own purposes.  We must remain vigilant and hold them accountable when our contractual rights are being violated. 

Furthermore, we need to do a better job of working with our community to make sure they are fully aware of the conditions in Kent schools.   As education professionals working with kids face to face each day, we are in the best position to determine what we need to make our students successful.  We need to work with our colleagues, the administration, and the community to make our schools the best they can be.

Keep an eye on this blog in the near future as we document the successes and problems that KEA members deal with.


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