Chris Davies Resigns From KSD School Board

In a shocking and unexpected move at tonight’s School Board meeting, Chris Davies announced that he will be resigning from the KSD School Board, effective February 11th, 2010. Davies cited family and business commitments that had made fullfilling his obligations on the School Board impossible.  The Board voted to accept his resignation.  You can read his resignation letter here:

Chris Davies Resignation

You can read KEA’s Board Watch notes from the School Board Meeting by clicking here:  

Notes 13 Jan 2010 School Board

In addition to the resignation by Mr. Davies, discussion of current class size issues, security/safety report, and other important issues were discussed related to the Levy Campaign. 

You can read the text of KEA Vice President Connie Compton’s comments to the School Board regarding class size issues in ELL and Special Ed classes here:

Comments School Board 1.13.10

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2 Responses to “Chris Davies Resigns From KSD School Board”

  1. A.Y. Says:

    I’d say we are moving in the right direction. Out with the old and in with new more teacher-supportive School Board Members!! Maybe now we can work collaboratively with people who do not have that “My way or the highway” mindset.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Isn’t this the member who said that Kent teachers “just need to work smarter, not harder”? Any one else see a lesson on irony here?

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