KEA Successfully Defends Member Rights

In addition to the big arbitration win, the last several months have seen some other significant wins by KEA and its members, including:

  •  KSD finally agreed to allow Shared Leave for a teacher who had a Caesarean Section.  Human Resources argued that since the procedure was scheduled, rather than an emergency, it didn’t count as a, “serious medical event.”  Through the grievance process, KEA was able to encourage the district to come to their senses.  Henceforth, C-Sections will be included in the list of acceptable uses of Shared Leave.  (Article V in the contract)
  • One teacher discovered last year that her final evaluation included complaint letters from other teachers in the building.  The KEA used the grievance process to have the district remove these letters.
  • Another teacher who taught a “0” period in addition to a full day of classes had not been paid extra for teaching the additional class.  KEA and the teacher filed a grievance that resulted in the district paying the extra pay retroactively.
  • Instructional Coaches in the various buildings had been told that they were required to attend trainings over the summer, and then in the evening through the school year, amounting to 30 hours of class time.  They were also given additional, “homework,” they had to complete.  Yet another grievance led to the district acknowledging that this class and the accompanying homework were optional.

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  1. Steve Says:

    Hi there!! Thanks for adding the new content!

    These greivances remind of a situation about 10 years ago when my wife lost her hearing!! Los Angeles Unified School District didn’t want to provide accomodations – like flashing lights for emergencies and a sign language interpreter. We finally had to contact the Superintendent after several weeks [and we sued the District]. The accomodations were finally provided after several weeks.. Oh, and LAUSD was out an additional $15,000.

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