What’s Next For KEA?

  • KEA is currently working on a Class Size/Case Load Grievance.  Since the new contract was adopted, KEA has repeatedly requested information from the district, only to have inaccurate or inadequate information provided.  KEA’s own investigation discovered that there has not been the promised overload help for SPED and ELL, that there is not the base level of para-educator support, and much more.  In fact, one ELL teacher at Panther Lake currently has 217 students on her roster, while the contract calls for a ratio of 1 ELL teacher for every 90 students.  Rather than lower her class sizes by hiring more teachers, the district instead provided 60 hours of daily para-educator time!  The district has also failed in many schools to provide Special Ed teachers with the base para time required by the new contract, or to determine how those hours can best be used.  KEA believes that the district is not trying to live up the contract in this regard in any reasonable way. 
  • Two additional arbitrations are upcoming.  One is related to last Spring’s layoffs/RIF’s, while the other is related to an issue with a teacher evaluation at Kentlake.  Both are currently at the stage in the process of selecting an arbitrator.   A decision in either is not expected for a few months.
  • Daniel Elementary has the dubious distinction of having 5 grievances filed about the same issue over the past 3 years.  It seems that when Daniel Elementary’s teachers send students to the Principal’s Office for serious behavior issues, the principal often sends the students right back to the teacher.  This goes against teacher rights under Article IV of the contract, district policy, and state law.  KEA had filed 3 previous grievances over this issue in the past.  Two were settled with a written agreement that said the Principal would stop doing this, and a third was otherwise resolved.  Now KEA has filed two additional grievances over new occurrences of the same issue!  It seems that some people never learn.  One wonders what would happen to a teacher who was disciplined five times for the same infraction?

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2 Responses to “What’s Next For KEA?”

  1. Teaching Used to be Fun Says:

    What this all means is, KSD is thumbing their noses at you. They do not care to work with you, but rather dare you to call them on this abuse of your contractual rights. The minute you let them take advantage (and yes, that’s what they are doing), they will continue to forge ahead. If they truly cared about you as professionals, they would value your opinion as the very people who know their own craft! In my building, even if you give constructive criticism or speak up about your contractual rights, you will find yourself visited by either the principal, the instructional coach, or some other non-classroom cert the very next day. They won’t visit anyone else, but you. Isn’t that nice? I call that intimidation to comply.

  2. theresa Says:

    Intimidation is the game, Teaching Used to be Fun. It’s about being treated as a professional and as a team member. Bullying has been the tactic for the last 11 years in Kent. We need to stand together and united.
    Kent is a district where when authority is questioned the response is “because I told you so.”

    Well, that just isn’t good enough!

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