Support the KSD Levies At The Rally Feb 6th!

Saturday, February 6, the Kent Education Association is hosting a Rally to Support the Kent School District Levy. It will be held at Mill Creek Middle School, 620 North Central Avenue, in Kent from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Community leaders will speak in support of the levy. Bella Voce Choir of the Rainier Youth Chorus and KEA member and recording artist Darren Motamedy will perform. Members are asked to bring families and friends to this event.

Sign waving outside of the school will run from 11 a.m. until noon. At noon, we will go into the cafeteria for the speakers and the music. Come show your support for passing the Kent School District Levy. The Levy provides 20% of the Kent School District budget.


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  1. Good for You! Says:

    After all the disrespect from KSD that led to a strike, I applaud teachers and KEA for partnering with KSD to promote these levies. Most of my colleagues have mixed feelings about whether or not they want to help KSD, but they do know that if these levies do not pass, our colleagues and students suffer. So, we plan to be at the rally!

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