Budget Crisis – KEA’s Call To Action


Budget Crisis – KEA’s Call To Action


The KSD School Board is meeting on Wednesday to make budget decisions.

Any layoff will make every member’s job harder.
Any layoff makes each member’s job vulnerable.

To all members:

·      Wear black to school on Wednesday.

Attend the school board meeting on Wednesday 4/21/10.

o  Arrive at 6:15 for a rally outside
o  Attend the meeting at 7:00
o  Wear black
o  Bring your rain gear – it’s raining and the rainy day fund needs to be spent.

 The absence of our members implies consent. Be at KSD on Wednesday at 6:15.

Lisa Brackin Johnson
Kent Education Association


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2 Responses to “Budget Crisis – KEA’s Call To Action”

  1. Student Says:

    What can we do to help? There are several hundred teachers in the KSD. There are several thousand students. I will go. Many of my friends will follow me, and theirs will follow them. You know the high school mentality: we support each other, and we won’t let each other stand alone.
    Where exactly is this rally, and what can we students do to support the KEA?

  2. Teacher Says:

    Dear Student:
    Thanks for your offer to help. I hope you were able to make it to the rally yesterday.

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