District Starts Distributing Layoff Notices

Layoff notices are now being distributed to Kent teachers, according to phone calls coming into the KEA office. The district had previously indicated that notices would go out to the principals today, and be delivered to teachers on Thursday and Friday. KEA has repeatedly requested that the district provide our office with a list of those who will be laid off, but as of the time of this writing, nothing has been received.

A meeting will be held at the KEA office on Monday, May 17th at 4:15 p.m. for all who receive a notification of layoff. At that time, issues such as unemployment insurance, benefits, and potential recall will be discussed.

Keep in mind that layoffs are not necessary in Kent. The district is projected to end the year with a General Fund balance in excess of $21M and, while some sources of revenue will be lower next year, others will be increased. Many surrounding districts have chosen not to layoff educators, and KSD can afford to make that decision, too.

A community forum on the district’s alleged budget crisis is being planned for Wednesday, June 2nd. A WEA financial analyst will provide a detailed overview of KSD’s financial health, and Association members, parents, other unions and community organizations, will all be invited to participate. Watch for more details soon.


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  1. Next Steps Says:

    I’ll be there on June 2nd! I’m a KSD parent and a KSD counselor who got her pink slip today. I will so miss my 900 students I served. I use to say I was proud of living and working in this community. I’m very worried about the future of our kids…

  2. theresa Says:

    How many teachers were at the school board meeting tonight? We need to be a constant reminder to the school board of the evil doings of this administration. And count me in for the community meeting as well! Great idea KEA.

  3. Student Says:

    Is it possible for a calendar of school board meetings and other events to be posted somewhere accessable to students? I would be going to these meetings if I knew about them in advance. Thanks!


  4. Steve Says:


    Go to this link for School Board meeting dates. It will show you what’s on the agenda, too.

    Generally, they meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month.


    The Kent Parents Coalition is interested in community meeetings as well. Please contact a KPC member to see how we can help.

    The next KPC meeting is May 24 [the website is not updated]. Contact a KPC member for more info.

  5. Weary Says:

    I know that the BSOT, organizers of the June 2 meeting, would like to use the KPC parent e-mailing list to notify parents of the upcoming event.

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