Administrators Receive Promotions, New Titles

While KEA members are receiving layoff notices this week, no less than a dozen administrators received promotions or new job titles at Wednesday night’s school board meeting. Effective July 1st, the district offices will have an abundant supply of individuals bearing titles such as “School Improvement Officer,” “Chief Student Achievement Officer,” and “Chief Information and Automated Operations Officer.” With so many new officers on deck, much saluting and heel clicking is sure to be the order of the day.

Sadly other education professionals with titles such as “elementary counselor,” “instrumental music instructor,” or “librarian” will not fare nearly as well in this new restructuring. Neither will 16 TOSAs, who were just informed that their jobs are being converted to “intervention specialists” and they are welcome to apply for these positions. There is no indication that the administrators who gained new job titles, and possibly salary increases to match their elongated titles, had to reapply for their jobs.

In the meantime, KEA continues to wait for the district to provide us with the layoff list we have been requesting.


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  1. Student Says:

    When is the next picket against the KSD? I want to be there.

    This action by the district administartion brings their actions as a whole to nothing short of farcical. (For those who don’t recognize the reference, a farce is a comedic play often incorportating elements of absurdity.) We are definitely, then, characters in a comedic play. A very poorly-written one, I might add. The well-intentioned (presumably) yet ineffectual or even incompetant (clearly) administrators are very convincing, however. I especially like Vargas, as the sinister, greed-motivated villin, aiming to reduce cost at any cost- including at the cost of the very thing he supposedly exists to administrate and protect: the learning and well-being of the students.

    What author would write such a horrible play? What poor, unsuspecting publisher would ever accept it, remaining somehow unaware of the constant illogic pervading the decisions of the administrators?

    This isn’t a comedy. This is a tragedy.

  2. Circular Problem Says:

    We DO NOT NEED more of the same! We need less administrators and more teachers in the classrooms to reduce class sizes! Take the tax payers’ money and use it to help students, rather than having more people in suits running around intimidating, coercing, and bullying their employees into submitting to rhetoric that has no value other than to look good in the eyes of the unsuspecting community member, parent, or even naive staff members.

    WAKE UP VARGAS, WAKE UP SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS. Don’t tell us you’re listening when it’s obvious you are not.

  3. Weary Says:

    I am waiting for some sign of leadership to begin percolating and finally bubble to the top. Is there not even one person on either the school board or the KSD administration who can man up or woman up, strap on a pair and be that leader who will say enough is enough, let’s start working for our students, our children? Those who hold leadership positions here confuse power and control with being leaders.

    For role models, they need to look no further than the Renton School District. I read about what their superintendent and school board did for their students and it puts KSD to shame. Their school board and superintendent for the past 3 years have been building credibility and relationships with civic leaders and garnering support for their schools. Instead of whining about not enough money, they teamed up with businesses and parents and raised almost 200 thousand for their schools. The board wanted to save a math program that the teachers were having success with. They plan to make their fund raising event an annual event.

    You could look further south to the Puyallup School district. Their finance people somehow envisioned there would be a budget crunch in the near future. They decided to start saving some of their I-728 money. KSD used some of our I-728 money to purchase more programs. The Puyallup finance department thought that if there was ever a time to break into their piggy bank it is now and decided to spend close to 7 million of their reserve fund and they are still able to maintain that 5%. They did caution however that this is only a one year fix. What risk takers they must be down there.

    What do we get? A lecture from the school board about the reality of there being no money and implying that we just have to accept it. A central administration who keeps adding to their roster at the expense of our students and programs.

    The people who hold the leadership roles are so blinded by their own ambitions that they can’t be visionaries. The leaders in those other districts just didn’t sit back and wring their hands and accept the current financial state of our economy. They were creative and daring. Why didn’t our people at the top plan for tough times like Puyallup or look for alternative ways to bring in revenue? What the heck is the job of our school board and superintendent anyways? Personally, I think too much time is being spent on trying to find ways to retaliate for the strike and that is impairing KSD administration from doing the jobs they get the big bucks for. And the school board? For the life of me, I can’t figure out what they believe their role in this whole mess is.

    Where’s the leadership?

  4. parent of 2 Says:

    Wow, so the district is re-organizing their management and it looks to me like cutting 2-3 positions overall up there. But you LBJ, your fearless KEA leader says they are giving “promotions”? Nice job KEA at spinning this. Seems that 80% of the posts on here are from the handful of corrupt KEA management team. We have new school board members (including two teachers and one ex-KEA president), a new superintendent and new HR and business managers coming in to replace the old ones. Yet we are still having “partnership issues”? Where are our new KEA leaders? Brackin-Johnson and McNett need to go next….that’s where the real partnership issue lies.

    • Yes, I'm a Teacher Says:

      I know the truth hurts, and sometimes people need to face reality–in this case, the very people YOU may feel an allegiance too, are very ineffective.

      During last year’s bargaining, KSD need nothing, and I mean NOTHING, to end the strike. Their bargaining team stalled at the bargaining table, sometimes literally crossing their arms to show a non-verbal gesture that they were done talking. Now, does that sound like collaboration to you? All the issues that teachers were fighting for were to benefit students. Can’t you see that? We wanted smaller class sizes, more time with students, less rhetoric that keeps teachers from doing what they were hired to do (teach!), fewer adoptions of curriculum that costs thousands of dollars but often ends up being “shelved” after the district realizes it is NOT user friendly or just the same concepts but with new labels. If you cared about our students, you would be supporting our cause to change this district from top down management to one of a real partnership with teachers.

      Don’t forget that it was the district that posted incorrect class sizes to the community. Many parents who volunteer in our schools were irritated and insulted by the district’s misleading information, because these involved parents knew that class sizes across this district were much larger than what the district posted!

  5. KEA supporter Says:

    Parent of 2, to attack LBJ and Mike McNett is out of line. LBJ is a fearless leader. Anyone who deals with the KSD has to be. I work in a school where teachers are fearful, administration is retaliatory, and school climate is non existant. KSD does have a lot of work to do. They ARE TOP heavy in administration, and…have ended each year with a surplus of funds (much to the opposite of what the director of finance reports). Kids are NOT the priority in Kent, and they should be. Teachers stood up last fall to say that kids come first…Now it is your turn, as a parent of two, to realize if districts around us can have smaller class sizes, why can’t Kent?

    KEA is crucial in supporting it’s certificated teachers…After all, we are the KEA and proud to teach the students in Kent.

  6. Weary Says:

    Parent of 2,
    Maybe you are a corrupt member of KSD’s oversized central administration? You don’t seem to understand that KEA’s concern is saving programs for our students. So how are all those administrators working for your children? Can you point to anything that your administrative team has accomplished that has made a difference for your children in a positive, direct, and worthwhile way?

  7. weary parent Says:

    Parent of 2, maybe you can explain how the recent KSD Admin. changes are going to help increase ALL our students academic performance, graduation rates and improve KSD’s budget? I looked for data online and can find nothing so I am leary of how these changes will be tied to performance and acted on if the goals are not acheived?

    The data I have seen, shows KSD Administration to be at the top in pay for our state and this was questioned during the last budget debate with no real valid answer that I was able to find. It seems we have definitely not received top leadership results for our students. We need to see salary pay cuts (not just freezes) for KSD Administration in these hard budget times and for lack of top performance.

    I see first hand how many teachers work hard over the years, and yes I saw classes of around 29 – K, 1 , 2nd etc. graders, with NO extra support, yet KSD appeared to never act until the recent strike. That shows lack of top leadership, and this is just one of many examples.

    So Parent of 2, you seem hopeful about these top Admin. changes, I hope you are right since the kids sitting in classrooms right now need to suceed right now, time is passing! Also, before calling people corrupt data is needed to support the accusation, otherwise you come across as emotional but lacking in knowledge. Just because two parties disagree and may reach stalemates, at times, doesn’t mean the parties are lacking.

    Right now I am sorry and sad that staff who directly impact our children have gotten pink slips. I am worried about all those kids sitting in classrooms and how we are going to give them all the best chance of being their best in academics…it is sad times right now.

  8. Rich Says:

    Parent of 2,

    Yeah, I am sure you are right. KSD is the best district around, they must be, the pay for administrators is way above neighboring districts. As well, they are obviously creating cutting-edge innovation in education, finding ways to help students and improve education by using teacher layoffs and program cuts when our surrounding districts can’t seem to figure out how to accomplish such masterstrokes. I, just like you, see the obvious educational benefits to each and every student that is being spurred along with the critical implementation of new titles for the administration team. I figure that job title changes are worth scores of points on the WASL and that is what it is all about really.

    I think it is high time that our teachers and the public at large learn to place blind faith in whatever KSD deigns to tell the public. After all, they have no reason to mislead the public. Sure, an entrenched bureaucracy might engage in such shoddy tactics but not KSD, why on earth would they do that? They know the public wants to pay all of them well above industry standard for the work that they do.

    As taxpayers, we should also all learn to trust in the famed American business acumen of these folks rather than a collective of teachers who spend each day in classrooms with children. It is obvious that the modern approach to money management and pursuit of pretty little quarterly results is what is best for America. I think that there are plenty of examples from Wall Street, our banking system, and our automakers all speak to the truth of that. The wisdom of our American administrators is unblemished and not subject to any reasonable doubts.

    Finally, I am proud to have you as a fellow citizen in Kent who speaks out against the insane corruption of KEA. What could be more foul and corrupt than a group of teachers banding together to improve education for children and secure reasonable salaries and benefits for themselves? Nothing, absolutely nothing! It is absolutely against our most sacred democratic principles for a group of trained and dedicated professionals to attempt to insert themselves into the decision surrounding the education of our children. That is very complicated stuff and what in the hell would a teacher know about education?

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