24 Kent Educators Received Layoff Notices

All layoff notices have now been delivered, according to the district administration, with pink slips going to twenty-four educators. Of this number, four were partially reduced, and the remainder lost all of their current full-time or part-time employment for next year. The total reduction was 20.7 FTE. The list includes counselors, a librarian, band, choir, and general music teachers, math teachers, a science teacher, and first grade teachers. The impact on students, families, and school communities will be significant.

There will be a meeting at the KEA office at 4:15 p.m. on Monday, May 17th for all members who received notification of layoff. At that time, information will be provided regarding unemployment, insurance benefits, potential recall, and other points of concern. The KEA office is located at 10427 SE 244th St. in Kent.


3 Responses to “24 Kent Educators Received Layoff Notices”

  1. Parent Says:

    Interesting that this district is saying they cannot afford to keep certain programs or all librarians and counselors–yet they are bringing in the Pearson Company (outside consultants) to help staff build a professional learning community AND they still have plenty of money to keep all those administrators.

  2. KSD teacher Says:

    Interesting that the district says it’s using “grant” money to pay for 50 teachers to get an ESL endorsement at near $9000 a person, and the teachers need only pay $1500 of that. That’s a lot of money. A heck of a good deal if you’re a certificated teacher.

    • Frustrated Says:

      I don’t believe any grant money should be misused. They could lose their grant if they do that. However, if the district were to err, it’s best to err on the side of helping teachers. Afterall, it IS the teachers who are working with the students each day! Not someone who has a office up at the admin building.

      There is alot of waste. Within buildings, there are some people in positions such as tech or coaching, who do not do their jobs. Or, their jobs could be done by a classified employee–that would be a huge savings for the district.

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