Community Budget Forum Presentation Now Available

You can view the entire Community Budget Forum presentation from June 2nd here

(If the link doesn’t work, you can cut and paste the following link into your web browser:

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  1. theresa Says:

    It’s obvious that the Kent School District doesn’t put kids first. They continue to lay off certificated staff (not to mention what has been done to clerical support) even with money in the bank and more on the way. WEA’s Andrea showed us that these lay-offs are occuring even though the school district will start the year with nearly $22 million. She acknowledged that there will be a shortage of less than one million next year, but the cushion that the district has- combined with choices that put kids first- should be sufficient. Those 19 certificated staff who received RIF notices will save the district $1.1 million. Meanwhile, our district will NOT have a comprehensive counseling program for our students. Librarians, who play a pivotal role in making reading fun and who support classroom teachers in a variety of ways, are being replaced by minimum wage paraeducators who, while well-meaning, are not qualified for this position. Music programs are being scaled back, hurting our low income students who will struggle to keep up with kids who have the resources for private lessons. The end result is a substandard education for our kids. Meanwhile, the district continues to dictate more programs designed to help kids without the proper structure and support. These programs are half-hearted and in name only. Without a doubt, it requires piles of documentation that will only increase our workload. Shame on KSD.

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