What Does The KSD Priority Analysis Tell Us?

Once again, here are some important points from the June 2 Community Budget Forum regarding the KSD budget and its comparison to other districts in the area:

  • Only one of KSD’s neighboring King County districts had a larger percentage difference between budgeted and actual spending.
  • The 2008-9 difference between Kent’s budgeted and actual spending amounted to more than $14.2 million.  That’s  the largest dollar difference amoung neighboring districts….by far!
  • KSD is near the midpoint in revenue per pupil, but KSD still manages to have a much larger fund balance (aka “Rainy Day” fund) than any other district in the group.
  • KSD’s ending fund balance asa  percentage of total actual spending at the end of last year was the highest among neighboring districts.
  • That same amount also equates to more money in the bank per pupil than any of the other districts.
  • KSD spends less per pupil on instructional activities than all but two of the neighboring districts, and only one of the neighboring districts spends less as a percentage of total spending on instructional activities.

You can view the entire Community Budget Forum presentation from June 2nd here.  We welcome your comments and questions!


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3 Responses to “What Does The KSD Priority Analysis Tell Us?”

  1. Happy Says:

    I attended the school board meeting on June 23 and was very happy to see that Dr. Vargas and the board gave their attention to the speakers that evening versus being distracted with their laptops or one another. Tim Clark’s suggestion for the board to be transparent was right on. Now, I wonder if they will actually do just that, be transparent before the audience at their board meetings. This something to keep an eye on and not let it be swept under the rug.

    I continue to wonder how the board can sit under that banner of KSD which states it will successfully prepare students for the future as they agree to budget cuts and lay offs that only hurt our students! Violent children, distraught children, homeless children, suicidal children, all need counseling that only a full time counselor in each building can provide. This is the world we live in and our children are expected to succeed even with these odds against them.

    As a school district, I would hope KSD cares more about the students than the EXPENSIVE consultants hired to teach staff how to collaborate. And by the way, please stop sending our principals to expensive out of state trainings. I am sure the hotel bill, airline tickets, meal accounts, were NOT CHEAP.

    Thanks KEA for showing that YOU care about students. Maybe it will be contagious in the next month or so?

  2. Board Response Says:

    At the last board meeting many speakers asked for a written response to their questions. Has anyone received responses? If so, could you please post them for the public?

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