We’re Baaack…

Hello again and welcome to the Kent Education Association Blog.  We’ve had some turnover and some change and as a result we dropped out of sight for awhile, but, as stated, we’re back.  We have some new focus and some new fire and we would very much like to invite you, the KEA members as well as the public at large, (but this is the KEA blog, after all) to speak and be heard.  This is a forum where you may speak your mind without fear of retribution or retaliation.  You may say what needs to be said here, although I do urge you to remember you are teachers and to keep the dialogue civil, even though you may need to vent.  We want people to hear our voices and we want them to pay attention to our words as they are the powerful statements that will get our messages across.  Your stories carry much more weight than any dozen retellings by KEA officials.  Let your voice be heard.  Visit often and say a few words or a few dozen and remember, this is a contract year and there are very serious discussions about to begin.  Again, let your voice be heard.


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  1. Steve Says:

    Welcome Back!! I look forward to getting updates from KEA.

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