Education Reform?

There are a lot of people out there talking education reform these days and it’s getting hard to keep the stories straight without a program and a script, but it’s good to know that there are some who are managing to see through all the fog (and smoke and mirrors that are trying to hide other agendas).  Here’s an article that can help you see past the people who would destroy public education by not funding it and then complain because it doesn’t seem to be working.  This article references Parents Across America (, a new organization that promises to connect parents and activists from across the U.S. to share ideas and work together on improving our nation’s public schools.  Please take a look and see if you agree with this article.


One Response to “Education Reform?”

  1. Teacher Says:

    Totally agree with this article. Hit the nail on the head! And a big thank you to parents who belong to this group, PAA. People are seeing how bogus ed reform (as promoted by special interest groups and Arne Duncan) is and how it hurts our students.

    We could not support our students without parent support and involvement. And by “involvement”, I mean supporting teachers and their quest to ensure that programs are well funded and that assessments are not “one size fits all”.

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