Politics is Important; Your Participation is More Important.

KELA (Kent Educators for Legislative Action) is the KEA Committee that goes to Olympia, lobbies with our Legislators for our organization, organizes letter writing campaigns, doorbelling and phone banking events, works together with WEA to promote education policies that benefit teachers and students and generally does the political business of KEA.  Because everything that you do as a teacher is either directly controlled or seriously affected by politics and politicians, that makes the work they do EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.  Please support this effort by reading and acting on the following short message from KELA:

Are you upset? Get info. Take action. Go to http://www.ourvoicewashingtonea.org/.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Then click the links to the following topics to read more or to email your legislators and Governor Gregoire now.

  • State takeover of your health benefits
  • The teacher termination bill
  • The teacher tax (3% salary cut)
  • Larger class sizes

Remember to start your message with a short personal statement or example of how you and students may be impacted.


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