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KEA Bargaining Update      August 9, 2011,

Bargaining Team Goal:  To strengthen the KEA contract in the areas of working conditions and compensation and benefits to improve teaching and learning for the students of the Kent School District.

 Your KEA Bargaining Team was at the table early both Monday and Tuesday mornings this week. Discussion focused on the Learning Collaboration Time, the 1.9%, and a proposal to enable nurses to meet the expectations of state law. Your KEA team has remainded focused on containing the workload of our members and on decreasing the expectation of time commitments outside the workday.

 While districts across the state have back-filled the 1.9% and agreed the work will be deemed done, the KSD bargaining team proposed tying pay for the 1.9% to incentive and accountability. KEA bargaining team members stated clearly that more work for the same pay would not be acceptable to our members. The value of our professional educators in Kent is certainly worth the 1.9%.

 In addition to the above issues, KEA is waiting for the district to respond to proposals on establishing a Workload Committee, Classroom Visitors, Bereavement Leave, Department Head duties, Meetings and the CTE CAM.

Some KEA members have expressed concern that the calendar is not yet settled. The bargaining team is unable to tentatively agree to a calendar until we have agreement on the 1.9%. That said, it would be reasonable to set aside August 29th and 30th as workshop days and one additional day for classroom preparation.

The next joint bargaining session is scheduled for August 18th.

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General Membership Meeting

August 30, 2011, 5-7 p.m.

Kentwood High School 

Make sure you’re there!


KEA Bargaining Team

Connie Compton, KEA President

Cindy Prescott, 4th/5th grade, Crestwood / KEA Vice President

Michael Kerstetter, Music, Daniel / KEA Secretary Treasurer

Lisa Brackin-Johnson, Language Arts, Mattson

Brian Thornton, Social Studies, Meridian Middle

Emma Goliff, 1st grade, Panther Lake

Ron Nauer, Science, Meeker

Rose Racicot, Occupational Therapy / Assistive Technology

Sandra Goveia, KEA Uniserv Representative


18 Responses to “Bargaining Update”

  1. dedicated teacher Says:

    I hope that the bargaining team can insure that the KSD practice of requiring teachers to stay a half hour or more past contracted time (up to 8 times a month) ends. The Professional Learning Communities in several high schools have been held a half hour past contracted time weekly, sometimes bi-weekly, forcing teachers to donate a half hour to an hour a week- in other words, UNPAID.
    If the district wants to require that we spend this time in professional learning communities (which late starts would easily accommodate), then they should pay us.

    • Anomaly Says:

      Shouldn’t you file a grievance if your principal is holding you past contracted time?

      • kenteducationassociation Says:

        Usually, but principals can require attendance at staff meetings for up to an hour after students are dismissed, so it can (and does) happen.

      • dedicated teacher Says:

        Current contract allows them to do this up to 8 times a month. Some principals and administrators at the head shed think this is allows them to hold us past contracted time 8 times a month. I do not think that was ever the intention of the bargaining team when it was negotiated.

    • kent hs teacher Says:

      I sure hope that this is a priority for negotiations… at the very least we should be able to use principals effective ed for it. I know more and more people who were not able to claim all their principal effective ed, yet worked an hour past their contract time each week.
      I would rather see us give the district 90% of the late start time and get NONE of my time after my contracted hours. While I understand that as a teacher I will be working more than my 7.5 hour days, I should be using the time for the things that I need…

  2. music is my life Says:

    Sorry – I need a vocab lesson. By “back-filled” do you mean that the district pays the difference from the 1.9% pay cut from the state so the teacher doesn’t feel the pay cut? Also, by “incentive and accountability” do you mean test scores or time sheets? Big difference, though neither should be necessary.

  3. Confused Says:

    No pay, no work, correct? If we go in on the workshop days, and then do not accept the districts incentive pay or accountability pay to earn the 1.9,which was ours in the first place, will we be paid for those days? If we accept accountabilty to receive the money, accountability to what? If we accept incentive, incentive for what? Can you please explain? I am unsure why we are voting after the workshop days. Can you explain? It seems other districts are either being paid or taking furlough days.

    • kenteducationassociation Says:

      In regard to the incentive, see the answer to the previous question. Our committment going into this bargain was no giveaways, so, “no pay, no work,” correct. The general meeting date was set before we started bargaining, thinking, 1) that the district would want to get this done as early as possible. We were wrong about that, and, 2) that it would be necessary to wait until the end of August to be able to get a good showing of members to vote. The workshop days will be paid no matter what happens in contract negotiations and voting, or there will be a very serious problem and we are control of the solution to that problem. Stay tuned…

  4. kenteducationassociation Says:

    Basically, you’re right about the “back-fill.” On the incentive and accountability, there would be a requirement of more work, “accounted” for by a worksheet to show you’ve completed the extra tasks.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Have furlough days come up to compensate for the 1.9%?

  6. Confused Says:

    clarification needed:
    If we work the workshop days and floating day before the school start date, as suggested we do, that leaves 180 days left which means there is no room to furlough days since the state has said no reduction in the work year. That means the district can cut 1.9 and not pay us, and we have no room to complain as there is no room left to furlough. Basically, we will have worked those days for free. We just take the cut .We can only accept their incentive pay tied to whatever they present if we want the money. Will we be the only district in the state asked to work the days and take the cut? –or work extra to get the same pay? Since we do not vote until after the workshop days, we seem to be leaving ourselves in a very bad place again. Hope this is settled.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    How are the negotiations going? Is there agreements being made? Will we have a contract when school starts?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    If we work the 3 days before school, then vote not to take the incentive to get the 1.9 , aren’t we working for free? I do not understand why we are being told i is ok to go to work before we have a contract.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    If we work the 3 days before school, then vote not to take the incentive to get the 1.9, aren’t we working 3 days for free? I don’t understand why we are being told it is ok to work these days without a contract.

  10. Teacher31 Says:

    Any news concerning the bargaining session that was held on the 18th? Has a decision been made about the 1.9% at least? Thanks.

  11. No dime? No time. Says:

    If the district doesn’t want to make up for the 1.9% we lost, then I am fine with that AS LONG AS I am furloughed. Otherwise, we wind up with a 1.9% cut in pay, which would also impact our per diem, creating a further pay cut. I am not at all interested in working more hours or creating incentive pay for something that should have been mine to begin with. That’s just stupid, and I feel I am being taken advantage of. If the district won’t make up the 1.9% loss with no strings attached, then furlough me–just like any other state worker. I don’t plan on sticking around any longer than necessary. I am just waiting for something to open in another district, and pray the economy will get better sooner than later, so that I can leave. Bureaucracy is just another name for inefficiency, and I am done with both.

  12. What is happening? Says:

    Can we know now if we are working?
    Can someone update the KEA website?
    And I agree with “no dIme” – I don’t want to do more work or justified paperwork to get what I should be receiving: a pay raise for experience and credits earned!

    • kenteducationassociation Says:

      Actually, whether or not you go to work is up to you. Be at KW to vote next week and we will all find out. In regard to the KEA website, it is somewhat broken. Between the retirement of the previous web administrator, some lost passwords, an attempt to change the entire site and the fact that whomever is in charge is a volunteer with a more than full-time job already, it got broken. There is a plan to fix it, however, but it is time consuming and, again, the volunteers we have are time constrained by their teaching duties. More volunteers would be great. How are your computer skills? Any experience in web design? Know anybody with qualifications? Remember, we are a volunteer organization and everything that gets done is done by individuals such as yourself. We are in total agreement about the “dime.”

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