KEA Recommends School Board Candidates

KEA Recommends Candidates for Kent School Director Positions:

Larry Sims, Pos. 1 YES Open minded.  Willing to keep communication open.  Understands the need for priority in budget in the right place—class size.  Wants to know where the money is allocated.  Is aware about how much weight is applied to standardized testing.
Karen DeBruler, Pos. 2 YES Understands issues of classroom.  Understands workload.  Voted against the cuts budget.  Teacher of highly capable in Issaquah.
Leslie Hamada, Pos. 3 YES Not afraid to stand up and speak up.  Understands classroom realities.  PTA activist and single mom with successful grown children (one a teacher).  Passionate about support for all children.  Has worked on levy committees.  “Walks her talk” still.  Tutors at high risk schools during and after school.

KEA KELA (Kent Educators for Legislative Accountability) Team members interviewed each of the five candidates who filed for the three open
Kent school director positions. Being involved in the interview process is our way of recommending informed, reasonable pro-education
candidates. Vote!


6 Responses to “KEA Recommends School Board Candidates”

  1. Active in Kent Says:

    I met Leslie at a kid event. I was impressed with her ideas and commitment to our community. After meeting her, I decided to look for her on Facebook. I read all her posts and her actual involvement in the Kent community. As far as the other two candidates, I have not met them, so I cannot say one way or the other.

    • kenteducationassociation Says:

      One of the other KEA recommendations is Karen DeBruler, who is already on the board, so you do know her (if you’re paying attention). The other is Larry Sims, who is new to the political arena, but is a KSD parent and wants very much to do things that benefit education. He also has several teachers in his family, understands some teacher issues and is sympathetic to our situation. Vote Larry Sims.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I hope we can get some good candidates elected to the school board. What ever happened to Debbie Strauss?

    • kenteducationassociation Says:

      I don’t know that anything “happened” to Debbie. She’s always been that way. Vote Leslie Hamada.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Why isn’t KEA endorsing Strauss?

      • kenteducationassociation Says:

        KEA interviewed Debbie and Leslie (separately) and based on the answers to the questions they were given we decided to endorse Leslie. She is an activist and spends much of her time volunteering in classrooms and working on education issues, and I have seen her sit through numerous KSD School Board meetings waiting for the opportunity to speak. She is interested in education and puts her energies in that direction. Her issues are our issues. She will be a very good addition to the Board.

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